Top 9 Tips On How To Lift Up Sagging Breasts

Do you want to lift up your sagging breasts, restoring the beauty and resilience? You can start doing this today.

No hot water and soap

Don’t use the hot water and soap because they desiccate the delicate skin of the breast, making it less elastic. Use special delicate cosmetics and wash up under warm or even cool water.



To lift up the sagging breasts and return its elasticity, make regular breast massage, rubbing special cosmetics – gels, oils, lotions for breast firming.

Choose quality cosmetics from well-known brands. Bear in mind, a good product costs more than 3 dollars!

Fitness for a beautiful and elastic breast


You can go to the sports club, or do the exercise at home. You can watch the videos on Internet. It is important that you will exercise on the regular basis.

Always wear a special sports bra when you are exercising because your skin will stretch stronger without it.

Firming masks for saggy breasts

Do them regularly, at least, 2-3 times a week. You can buy ready-made cosmetic breast mask for breast or made it by yourself.

Recipe of breast firming mask

Take 1 teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese, add a 2  tablespoon of milk and mix well. Then apply the mask on the breast skin and let it soak. Then carefully take it off with the wet washcloth and take a cool shower.

Watch your weight

If you gain weight too quickly, you can gain a stretch marks on your breasts. So watch your weight! When you are losing weight, use the firming cream for breast and body.

Take a treatment course at the salon


Take a special course for tightening saggy breasts in the center or beauty salon. This non-surgical procedure. But be prepared that they will be quite expensive.

You should use plastic and surgical intervention only in extreme cases because there can be complications after surgery.

Don’t go to the solarium and don’t sunbathe topless

Topless sunbathing in the solarium or under the sun adversely affects the breast skin. Breast skin is aging rapidly; breast loses its elasticity and sags, wrinkles may appear on the areola, you can receive pigmentation in the upper chest.

Keep your back straight


Straight back and always straightened shoulders – this is your guarantor to prolong youth and beauty of the chest (breasts look firmer and lifted). Try to watch your posture.