How To Enlarge Your Penis

Men are always interested in having the larger penis. A bigger manhood is still linked with the greater masculinity and better sex experience. There are currently many products that offer penis enlargement for its customer. Some of these products are efficient and safe to use, but there are some other products will give you some serious drawbacks. In this article, I’ll give you step by step guide on how to make your penis larger.

Natural way: Exercise


Exercise is the easiest way to enlarge your penis. By doing the regular exercise, you can lose your weight, and it can lead to penis enlargement. If you’re wasting excess weight, the hidden shaft that is previously buried beneath the belly fat will be revealed. The weight loss doesn’t increase your penis size, but it will make it look longer.

There are the other enlargement exercises like jelqing and Kegels exercises. Jelqing exercise is the natural enlargement exercise that is created to enhance the length of your penis. It is a really useful method for hundreds of years. Jelqing has gained much popularity for its easiness and effectiveness. This exercise has three steps that can be done easily by anyone. There are three measures that consist of warming up, jelqing and warming down steps. These steps are so easy can be done in your house without any medication.

Second Step: Penis pump


If you’ve done some exercise, and you still don’t get the satisfying result, you can try to use a penis pump. This pump mainly consists of 3 parts which can be a release valve, pump bulb and a plastic tube. Suction chamber or the plastic tube will fit over your dick. The pump lightbulb which is approved will require your blood pressure. While the release valve used to take the weight out. Penis pump operates primarily to improve the blood circulation to your own penis. It’s going to keep your erection, so it is not insufficient for sex. It may slowly enlarge your penis size should you require this process frequently. Many guys who’ve used this pump for a length period of time have proven this.

Penis surgery


This is the last step if you’re still not satisfied with the previous method. Penis surgery is the most efficient way to enlarge your penis. In the same time, it’s also the most expensive method among all enlargement methods. If you choose to take this step, you need to ensure for picking the reputable clinic and doctor. You also need to consider your overall physical condition. Before you do this method, you need to talk with your doctor and your family as well.