Ginseng Anti-Aging Skin Care


Ginseng is thought of as Korea’s a number-one best medicine. Not only is it beneficial for our health, of course, it also carries useful properties for our skin. It prevents aging, it also helps with skin’s elasticity, lengthens the lifespan of skin cells, and it is an antioxidant. It also contributes to activating the skin and avoid the skin cell from aging.

Choose anti-aging products that use ginseng as the main ingredient. Choose products that use only trustworthy raw ingredients and do not use harmful components. We want to recommend these products for those of you who are in your 20’s-40’s – the time that the process of aging has begun. And because these products are formulated with ingredients that are not commonly found in other goods and also that have a powerful effect, so that’s why we want to recommend that you use them after testing them in the wrist area or even behind your ears – the soft parts of the skin. So that after you put on your skin if fine, then you’re ready to go, you can try on the product. Or this starts turning a little bit red or starts itching a bit – it’s telling you that your skin might not fit well or it might be too strong for you.

Ginseng serum

Ginseng serum helps nourish dry and dull skin from inside and out. The antioxidant properties contribute to purifying the fatigued skin from environmental issues or environmental reasons or even build up impurities. It also brightens and freshens up your skin complexion by improving your skin circulation. Ginseng extract adheres to the skin to transform sagging skin into the hydrated and elastic skin.

So now let me tell you how to use it. First, what are you are going to do after cleansing – put a thin layer on your face. Just use appropriate amount and make sure that you follow your skin’s texture and put it on your face. Number two, after applying to help the serum absorb into the skin gently place the palms of the hands onto the face.

Now number two is a ginseng mask. So, the very interestingly as we get a steam towel and put it on our face, this mask will do the same effect for you. It will help to open the pores, and it will also soften dead skin cells to naturally allow impurities to escape and fill the skin with nutrients where the impurities existed before. The mask will work on both inside and out to make the skin look luminous. Highly concentrated ginseng extract works directly on to the skin to add moisture, plump, elasticity to your weak and sagging skin. Its antioxidant properties help to purify a fatigue skin from external simulations that your skin might have felt.


How to use the mask? First, after cleansing apply an appropriate amount to the face. Number two, we’re going to be massaging, and you’re going to feel a little bit of heat, and this is going to help to open up your pores and to remove impurities. Depending on each person’s skin temperature, the viscosity of the product might differ a little bit. If you feel like the texture of the mask is too hard to work with then what you’re going to do is just wet your fingers a little bit with water, and that will help to ease the texture itself. The third step is massage for five to ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Afterward, your face might feel a little bit warm still from the massaging. What you’re going to do is the last step – get cool water and then rinse off and finish off.