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Butt Enhancement Creams Side Effects

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People nowadays only want to have a quick result without doing all of the work. That is why plenty of women would take a butt enhancement creams to enlarge their butt instead of working out. But do you know that using a butt enhancement cream might give you a few side effects? The ingredients that are within a butt enhancement cream cannot react the same way to each girl. Some might respond positively while others might have adverse side effects from the Pueraria Mirifica properties, which is the main ingredients in butt cream. Here are some of the most common side effects from taking a butt enhancement cream. Learn more about this herb on examine.


Heavy Periods

So what do the ingredients in the cream do to your body? In the simplest explanation, the cream would increase the level of estrogen in your body so that it would make your body curvy. Sadly, the increased estrogen level in your body would affect different parts of your body quite the negative way. For instance, more estrogen means that you will have a heavier flow of period. It is not necessarily dangerous, but still, it is a side effect that can make you feel a bit uncomfortable.


Gaining Weight

The increase of estrogen level in your body will also trigger your body to produce more fat. Initially, this is the way the cream would increase the size of your butt. By having more fat, you will have more volume in your butt. Sadly, you will have to deal with the fact that your butt will not be the only part that gains size. The rest of your body might also gain some fat making you bigger than you were before. This is clearly something that you should watch for as no one would want to be fat.


Difficulty in Sleeping

It is still unknown why some of the girls who use butt enhancement cream would develop insomnia or trouble sleeping. It seems that it is caused by the bodily reaction towards the cream itself. Someway, the cream and the substance within it would alter some hormone in our body. Subsequently, it will be possible that you develop a trouble sleeping or insomnia. When this happens, you should stop using the cream as it might ruin your sleep routine. Of course, unless you want to stay up all night, then this is perfect for you.


Decreasing Sex Drive

Butt enhancement can also cause a minor decrease in the sexual drive of women. By using the cream, you will gain an increased level in your body. When the body is overflowing with estrogen, women tend to say no to the idea of having sex. That is why most women would have a low level of libido or sex drive after taking a butt enhancement cream. This is certainly not something to be aware of, and this won’t happen to every user. The cream has such a different reaction to different people, and you should not worry about the side effects.