The Most Common Risks Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

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If you have some money to spare, there will be no one blaming you if you decide to augment the size of your breast. Despite so, you must be considerate about the possible risks or side effects of breast enlargement. Take a look at this list of risks that you might encounter from breast augmentation surgery.

Deflation of an implant


Breast enlargement surgery commonly involves the insertion of an implant into your breast tissue. Sometimes breast implant can deflate and experience rupture, and they will leak into the breast. A breast implant will usually consist of either silicon or saline water. Saline water tends to break easier despite being a lot safer than the silicone counterpart. Silicone might be harder to deflate, but once they deflate it can be pretty dangerous for you. Once an implant deflates, you really need to replace them immediately and get them out of your body.

Breast are not Symmetrical


One of the worst risks of having breast enlargement surgery is that sometimes your breast can end up asymmetrical. This can be either the size, the shape or the form of your breast. When this happens, of course, the only way to fix them is to have another surgery intended to make it symmetrical. This type of risks usually depends on the doctor that operates you. Making asymmetrical breast is such an art form that each doctor might give different end result. For that very reason, you do need to choose your doctor carefully.

Your Breast Hardens


One of the risks of having a breast implant is that you might have to deal with your breast hardening up and becoming as hard as a rock. This is usually called capsular contracture. There are four different stage of capsular contracture in which stage one would be the softest, and step four would be the hardest and the most painful. Of course, this can be really painful for women. There is no exact reason why capsular contracture might happen, but it can be caused by inflammation or something more severe than that.


A hematoma is when there is a blood clot in your body, in this case in your breast tissue. When this happens, it needs to be dealt immediately because it can be fatal and cause death. Some of the symptoms of hematoma include pain, swelling, and inflammation near the site of the surgery. This usually happens when your body rejects the implants. If this happens, you need to have another surgery in order to take away the blood clot. It can be through a blood drainage or sometimes you have to take the implant out with a view to getting the blood clot out too.

Effects on Mother who Breastfeed


Breast enlargement surgery can also affect women who are planning to be a mother. Some women have not been able to breastfeed their child because of breast enlargement surgery. Despite there are mothers who are successfully breastfeeding their baby with a breast implant, the risk still exists. You might have to deal with the fact that the silicone might travel from your breastmilk to your baby. Not only that is highly dangerous for your child, it might also be risky for you. That is why you do need to consider all of these before you decide to have your breast augmented.

How To Enlarge Your Penis

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Men are always interested in having the larger penis. A bigger manhood is still linked with the greater masculinity and better sex experience. There are currently many products that offer penis enlargement for its customer. Some of these products are efficient and safe to use, but there are some other products will give you some serious drawbacks. In this article, I’ll give you step by step guide on how to make your penis larger.

Natural way: Exercise


Exercise is the easiest way to enlarge your penis. By doing the regular exercise, you can lose your weight, and it can lead to penis enlargement. If you’re wasting excess weight, the hidden shaft that is previously buried beneath the belly fat will be revealed. The weight loss doesn’t increase your penis size, but it will make it look longer.

There are the other enlargement exercises like jelqing and Kegels exercises. Jelqing exercise is the natural enlargement exercise that is created to enhance the length of your penis. It is a really useful method for hundreds of years. Jelqing has gained much popularity for its easiness and effectiveness. This exercise has three steps that can be done easily by anyone. There are three measures that consist of warming up, jelqing and warming down steps. These steps are so easy can be done in your house without any medication.

Second Step: Penis pump


If you’ve done some exercise, and you still don’t get the satisfying result, you can try to use a penis pump. This pump mainly consists of 3 parts which can be a release valve, pump bulb and a plastic tube. Suction chamber or the plastic tube will fit over your dick. The pump lightbulb which is approved will require your blood pressure. While the release valve used to take the weight out. Penis pump operates primarily to improve the blood circulation to your own penis. It’s going to keep your erection, so it is not insufficient for sex. It may slowly enlarge your penis size should you require this process frequently. Many guys who’ve used this pump for a length period of time have proven this.

Penis surgery


This is the last step if you’re still not satisfied with the previous method. Penis surgery is the most efficient way to enlarge your penis. In the same time, it’s also the most expensive method among all enlargement methods. If you choose to take this step, you need to ensure for picking the reputable clinic and doctor. You also need to consider your overall physical condition. Before you do this method, you need to talk with your doctor and your family as well.

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

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I want to talk briefly about female sexual dysfunction. You know, it is a bigger problem than most of us realize. There are many women, in fact, it is estimated to be between 30 and 50% of women who suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction. Sometimes that can be a decrease in desire, which we often call libido.

And we think of postmenopausal women having this problem, but I tell you as a hormone specialist that there many men and women of all ages are complaining about low libido, especially after childbirth. It is not uncommon to have hormonal changes and also a decrease in sensitivity which leads to this decline in libido.

There can also be pain associated with sex which will certainly dampen any women’s desire for sure.

There are other vaginal issues that are often related to hormone imbalances or dysfunction in a vaginal tissue. Many women after childbirth again or postmenopausal you will have some incontinence issues.

There are orgasms disorders where women just are not sensitive enough to be able to be aroused, to orgasm. There are also arousal disorders, for that matter women who just are not able to become aroused, and therefore, the tissues are not prepared for intercourse.

There is also the pain with intercourse that can be due to various reasons. The most common that I see in my practice is vaginal tissues that are dry and hormonally unbalanced which are relatively easy to fix from a global perspective but not necessarily easy to set with hormones in full repair with sensitivity for instance.


There is a procedure that I do here called the O-shot. It is been featured on shows like “The Doctors.” It is not an excellent procedure done with women whether you have right diagnostic sexual dysfunction or just simply a decrease in sensitivity that you did not have before. So this method treats many degrees of sexual dysfunction. It is simply the injection of platelet-rich plasma intravaginally and also in the area of the clitoris. Platelet-rich plasma is made of your own blood. There are many growth factors and healing factors that are in the plasma that occurs naturally. When we injure ourselves, these healing factors are activated, and they arrive on the scene, and they repair tissues. And they do that by stimulating stem cells. So for instance, if there are erectile tissues in the clitoral area or the male penis, there are stem cells that exist there. Te platelet-rich plasma will stimulate new cells to be produced from the stem cells. And there are nervous tissues in that area, the platelet-rich plasma will stimulate new nervous tissue and new blood flow, and all of the things that are necessary for rejuvenation.

We use this platelet-rich plasma in many areas in medicine. It has been used in dentistry first decades actually very successfully. It has been used in orthopedics. But one of the most effective way to increase your sexual arousal and sensitivity is to use female sexual enhancement pills. Here are some product reviews you may need.